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Now Carrying a Wide Variety of Pre finished Wood Flooring

Residential Hardwood Floors

Real Hardwood flooring can transform any room.  Hardwood Specialist and Craftsman will professionally install the floor that fits your style and stays true to your home's design. Your H.S.A.C. representative will work directly with you to find the floor that best fits your needs, and compliments your individual style.



Hardwood floors can be classic or rustic, from the traditional look of oak, to the more modern look of an exotic wood such as Brazilian Cherry. We have experts with the right training and tools to assure you that your job is done properly.


By definition, knowledge is information and skills acquired through experience or education. H.S.A.C. has both the knowledge and experience to assist you with the perfect floor.



Hardwood floors can be sanded for refinishing up to 10 times, depending on the thoroughness of the sanding and the level of wear and tear on the floor.

Let the experts at H.S.A.C. refinish your floors to bring back the luster they have been missing

Floor In-Lays and Medallions

Hardwood Specialist offers decorative wood floor medallions, wood floor borders and in-lays that can transform homes and businesses into unique showpieces



Distressed Wood Flooring has always been extremely popular due to its rustic charm and timeless appeal. Ask a H.S.A.C representive how ro add character to your floor